Secrets of Love allows you to experience the heights to which the human heart can soar. Like a beautiful jewel, true love is sparkling and many-faceted-reverent, calm, kind, creative, appreciative, joyful-selfless. As you relax into the music, allow it to awaken the melodies of love within your own being.

These beautifully orchestrated instrumental selections feature harp, flute, cello, and keyboard. Unlike any music you have ever heard, Secrets of Love can transform your life. As suggested by the titles, each musical selection captures the essence of one of the many aspects of love. All 18 songs are dynamic tools for awakening the loving qualities within your own heart, if you listen receptively and with deep concentration. As with any beautiful piece of music, this album can also be played as background music, “mood” music, or music for relaxation.


“This instrumental release is one of the most beautiful new age recordings of all time.”

Omega Directory

Secrets of Love will enchant jazz listeners with its smooth jazz motifs blended into a world music setting. A first rate collection of melodies, featuring first-rate performances. Excellent!”

The Jazz Review

“I listened to this CD over and over again, it took me deep within myself as I searched the spaces in my heart where the voices of love reside. This CD is 70 minutes of musical rapture.”

Eileen Kelly, Mount Shasta Magazine

Secrets of Love offers romance on a more intimate scale. This instrumental album is warm and personal…highly recommended!”


“Discover the depths of your heart with the musical magic of Secrets of Love. Lush instrumentals shine with the beauty of flute, alto flute, harp, cello and keyboards to create an environment conducive to love. Perfect for mood music, relaxation or finding peace. “Secrets of Love” is an escape from reality into a fantasia of inner bliss.”

Music Design

“In Secrets of Love, Swami Kriyananda has composed lightly lyrical melodies upon which the human heart and emotions can waft into a musical bliss. Beautifully orchestrated…Secrets of Love is the perfect mood music for intimate moments with a loved one, or simply to cast the mind and heart adrift upon a sea of calming, selfless, reverent sound.”

Reviewer’s Bookwatch

Secrets of Love is yet another jewel album in Kriyananda’s composing career of over 300 musical works. Delightfully sweet, warmly vibrating, and oh so whole–like being wrapped snugly warm in a blanket as you sit on a ridge overlooking a lush valley at dusk on a cool, clear summer’s evening. Comforting. Magically, each tune actually engenders a feeling of its theme. Listening to one track over and over creates a greater feeling of that track’s intention. Listening to the whole album creates the experience of walking through a blooming garden of the precious varieties of Love.”

Greg Ozimek, PhenomeNEWS

“This CD not only delivers beautiful, flowing, gently orchestral music…it also delivers some tacit messages. Love is the theme and each cut title holds an underlying affirmation. A seamless, tranquil feel pervades, along with a romantic delicacy almost reminiscent of some classical impressionists. Well worth a spin!”

NAPRA Review

Secrets of Love…makes an exceptionally thoughtful gift for someone special–like you.”

Mountain Luminary

“This impressionistic chamber record is way more than noo age noodling. With a lot of depth and real composition bottomed by some real players coming together on some romantic instruments and instrumentation, you have something that goes way deeper than a massage record. Totally smashing set for adults looking for laid-back with just the right vibe.”

Midwest Record Recap

“It’s well-played and constructed around a sensible style, if you are into modern classical, new age music then this CD will suit you. If you are looking for spiritual or emotional guidance, there might be more inside Swami Kriyananda’s work that’s worth looking for.”

Acid Attack Music Reviews

“Swami Kriyannda’s best recording yet! His simple melodies just have a way of reaching right into your heart and by-passing all the human worries and burdens….Kriyananda continues to outdo himself and set new standards for ‘music of inner transformation and healing.’”

Atlantis Rising

“…not just for the romanticists our there, as the music is designed to open up the large supply of love within each and every one of us…a rare treat for anyone needing a little encouragement to living a positive, peaceful life.”


“This splendid CD is…relaxing and pleasant, with high energy for such a laid back compositional style.”

Improvijazzation Nation