If the soul could sing, here would be its voice. Listen to this hauntingly beautiful music and feel an ancient stirring in your heart—to be released from all earthly limitations, free to embrace infinity itself.

I, Omar is inspired by The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, the poetic and mystical masterpiece penned nearly a thousand years ago in Persia. The melody is taken up in turn by cor anglais, oboe, flute, harp, guitar, strings, and gypsy-tinged violin. The reflective quality of this instrumental music makes it a perfect companion for quiet reading or other inward activities.

“Cello, violin, harp, flute, and keyboards gracefully embrace variations on a romantic melody with just a touch of Persian flavoring. Beyond its beauty, I, Omar creates not only the direct feelings of love, but a longing for it as well. Desire and fulfillment. What more could one ask.”

NAPRA Review

“Using eleven variations on a theme, Kriyananda offers a paisley platform for the soul’s repose…Ahhh! I’ve spent many spins with this album and never tire of the theme.”

Carol Wright, New Age Voice

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