“By listening to certain music and absorbing it, it changes your consciousness. It’s not just entertainment; it’s not just a nice melody. And that’s why we should listen to music that is born of Spirit, rather than beautiful sentiments.”
–Swami Kriyananda

Are you struggling to stay positive in the face of challenges and hard times?

The tendency is to think that challenges and hard times are purely a matter of circumstance, but much depends on your own energy level. Of course, knowing that doesn’t necessarily help you get out of a low energy state and its resulting negative emotions.

Thinking your way out is hard to do. It requires calm intellect at the very moment that you’re too clouded by emotion to think clearly!


  • Because working on the level of the intellect isn’t all that effective, you need to work directly with consciousness and feeling, specifically bringing in the opposite of the negative emotion—an antidote.
  • Music is perhaps the most effective way to introduce an antidote because music bypasses the intellect and goes straight to the heart, the center of emotions.
  • Listening to or singing an uplifting song is a much easier way to change your consciousness—and change it in a hurry!

Watch this video to learn more about music antidotes:

This program teaches you how use music antidotes to overcome many different negative emotions, ranging from apathy, discouragement, and depression to fear, greed, unkind thoughts, and negativity.

All the music in this program was written with the clear intention of uplifting your consciousness, making it a powerfully effective tool that pulls you out of a lower vibration and lifts you to a higher state of being. And when your level of consciousness is high, your whole perspective changes to a more positive point of view, helping you master yourself and achieve more success in everything you do.

What You Will Get

This program offers:
  1. A library of videos, each dealing with a different negative emotion and offering a piece of music as the antidote to it.
  2. Mp3 download for each song, for your practical use and ease of access
  3. PDF with the lyrics of the song (unless it’s an instrumental), for you to sing along, if you want
  4. Personal support via email and forum

Satyaki, your host

Satyaki Brockschmidt, a resident of Ananda Village in California, has been working with Ananda Music since 1996 as a singer, soloist, instrumentalist, and director. When Swami Kriyananda first introduced the idea of music antidotes in 1998, Satyaki began to explore exactly how music affects energy and consciousness and why individual songs address specific negative emotions. Swami Kriyananda encouraged Satyaki to continue expanding that work, which Satyaki has presented to live groups on numerous occasions. The journey has been most rewarding, and Satyaki is delighted for the opportunity to share his insights and inspirations. “I’m continually amazed,” he says, “just how much there is to harvest in every song, especially those that seem simple at first. Many times, as I’ve explored different pieces, I’ve found myself weeping for joy at the sheer beauty and transforming consciousness in this music!”