Selections performed for Pope John Paul II

In the tradition of Handel’s Messiah, Christ Lives! is a contemporary Oratorio that has been recognized as a unique celebration of the life of Christ that is accessible to all. Vividly bringing to life the story of Christ, the Oratorio is composed of fifty short pieces including solos, instrumentals, and choir pieces, inspired by a pilgrimage that Donald Walters (also known as Swami Kriyananda), took to the Holy Land in 1983. Christ Lives! an Oratorio has been performed to popular acclaim for audiences around the world for almost forty years. The audience experiences a powerful meditation in music, feeling the universal Christ presence through sound, lyrics, and sacred vibration. Christ Lives! an Oratorio is considered by many to be a contemporary masterpiece.

This is not just a concert–this is an experience of the tangible presence of Christ through music.  Music can be inspiring, healing and ultimately, awakening. Christ Lives! an Oratorio is not merely a form of entertainment, but is a vehicle to uplift and give an inspiring, if not profoundly transformative, experience. Ananda choirs are uniquely trained to create the resonance of higher consciousness from their practice of meditation and attunement.

Swami Kriyananda is an internationally recognized expert in yoga philosophy and practical spirituality, as well as a gifted composer, who composed over four hundred musical works, including numerous songs and choral pieces, a string quartet, and the full-length Oratorio. The music touches the soul, calling us in music and message to awaken to the Divine that resides within us.

To hear samples from live performances of Christ Lives!, click here

oratorio choir Palo Alto 2012 full choirThe World Brotherhood Choir has been performing Christ Lives! an Oratorio in countries around the world for going on forty years. The choir was the winner of three European music awards: the Adelaide Ristori Award, the Presidential Cup, and First Prize in the National Festival of World Peace. In 1989 they sang for Pope John-Paul II at the Vatican.

What Others Are Saying

“I was touched by the music and felt a great sense of wonder. I think the program is beautifully put together.”
—Bishop Patrick Ahern, Blessed Sacrament, New York

“It would be almost impossible to describe how moved I was by the experience of Christ Lives! The music was tremendously compelling.”
—Reverend Judy Sherman, Unity Church Seattle

oratorio choir Village 2015