The Ananda Music ministry is thrilled to announce the imminent launch of a long-awaited program based on Swami Kriyananda’s concept of Music & the Art of Living. The program, titled Music Antidotes for a Happier & Healthier You, is presented by Satyaki Brockschmidt, a longtime Ananda member who currently lives at Ananda Village.

Swami Kriyananda said that every piece of our music is an antidote to one or more negative emotions, which means that you can get yourself out of negative states of consciousness with only a few minutes of focused attention. One of Ananda’s theme songs, Walk Like a Man , is an antidote for discouragement; Song of the Nightingale is an antidote for negativity; The Secret of Laughter  for depression. And with 400 pieces of music, the list goes on! The fascinating intricacies of these musical antidotes and how they affect consciousness will be explored in Music Antidotes for a Happier & Healthier You, a program consisting of weekly Facebook Live events and a special subscription offer from the Ananda music ministry.

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–Ramesha for Ananda Music


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