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As you know, our Music Antidotes Program started on October 3 and it’s going really well! We are finding each of the video segments to be very deep and inspiring; we’ve been impressed also by the wealth of additional resources! (Yes, even though we were part of designing this program, we’re kind of amazed at just how well it’s turning out!) Satyaki draws so much from our teachings as he explores each song; we’re receiving fresh insights about songs we’ve performed hundreds of times!

Some of you have expressed interest in understanding the program a little better, so we decided to share an excerpt of one of the sessions; the video is below (go to 3:34 if you want to skip directly to Satyaki’s explanation).

And, of course, it’s not too late to subscribe! The introductory offer of $10/month or $100/year will last for a while longer…


Also in this post are two more songs from Spiritual Renewal Week 2018: There’s Joy in the Heavens and The Om Song (from Yogananda’sCosmic Chants, 1938 edition). Enjoy!

[Scroll down for the videos]

–Ramesha for Ananda Music


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