What does “serving God” mean? Here’s what the composer, Swami Kriyananda, has to say about this song:

“Living for God is fun! Sadly, too many approach Him lugubriously. It is more than an honor to serve Him: It is a deep satisfaction. We are not our egos! Every step we take away from these little selves of ours brings us closer to the expansive bliss of our souls.

People think of service itself as a form of servility. Let’s face it: People are screwed up! That is why, if you want God, it is absolutely necessary to seek the guidance of a true guru. And even then, in an ego-centered civilization like ours, it takes surrender of the ego to stay on the path.

A disciple of the Master [Paramhansa Yogananda] left his guidance with the words, “I didn’t come here to rake leaves!” Ignorant that he was, he thought that was what Yogananda was asking of him!”

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–Ramesha for Ananda Music


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Lord, may we serve You all our days,
Ever rejoice to sing Your praise.
As we together Your wisdom seek,
Charge us with truth whene’er we speak.
Lord, may we ever know Your will:
Come to us *when our hearts are still.
As we Your guidance with joy receive,
May we, as one, Your bliss achieve.
*“’When our hearts are still’ means, for most people, when their emotions are calm. We cannot see God if we become emotional.”
— Swami Kriyananda

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