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The chant I Have Been Roaming (by Swami Kriyananda) is a simplified version of one of Yogananda’s deeply mystical songs, Divine Love Sorrows. It tells the story of how every soul, after having turned away from God’s love and wandered for incarnations in foreign lands of sorrow, finally realizes the truth that true fulfillment and happiness are possible only in God, and decides to turn back to Him.

Enjoy this recording of Swami Kriyananda, himself, pouring out his heart in devotional yearning for God.

[Scroll down for the video]

–Ramesha for Ananda Music


I have been roaming forsaken by Thee,
Who hast seen me groping hardly ever answering.
I shall be roaming, roaming bursting all bound’ries of heart,
Ever more moving t’ward Thee, to Thy vast unthrobbing heart.
Through endless incarnations I’ve called out for Your name,
Searching by the streamlets of all my silv’ry dreams

Ananda Music
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  1. Hi there, could you send either chords or melody to play on harmonium? Thank you!

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