Dear friends,

As many of you know, we just had an inspiring Spiritual Renewal Week at Ananda Village. Many devotees from far and near joined us for a week of classes, music, satsang, and other fun activities.

Many singers from other communities joined our choir, or sang as soloists, enriching the week with their inspiration.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing videos of some of the songs that were sung during this incredible week. Enjoy!

[Scroll down for the video]

–Ramesha for Ananda Music


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Walk like a man, even though you walk alone.
Why court approval, once the road is known?
Let come who will, but if they all turn home,
The goal still awaits you: Go on alone!

Follow your dream though it lead to worlds unknown.
Life’s but a shadow once our dreams have flown.
What if men cry, “Your dream is not our own”?
Your soul knows the answer: Go on alone!

Give life your heart! Bless everything that’s grown;
Fear not the loving: all this world’s your own.
Make rich the soil, but once the seed is sown
Seek freedom, don’t linger: Go on alone!

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