What is the purpose of life? We may have different answers for this question, but if we analyze the motivation behind everything people do, we will see that everyone is looking for two things: to be happy and to avoid pain. So, how can we find true, lasting happiness? Swami Kriyananda offers an answer to this question in the few, simple lyrics of this song:
“Through all trials we sing Thy name. Joy in Thee is life’s sole aim.”

“Although there is meanness, and hatred, and injustice in this world, there are also people to whom truth, and kindness, and joy matter deeply — people who long, as I do, always to hold before their gaze a lofty vision of life, and of its ability to reveal to them in the very darkest enclosures the divine light of Joy.” –Swami Kriyananda

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–Ramesha for Ananda Music







“Even if life gave you at one time everything you wanted — wealth, power, friends — after a while you would again become dissatisfied and need something more. But there is one thing that can never become stale to you — joy itself. Happiness that is delightfully varied, though its essence is changeless, is the inner experience everyone is seeking. Lasting, ever new joy is God. Finding this Joy within, you will find it in everything without. In God you will tap the Reservoir of perennial, unending bliss.–P. Yogananda

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