Lord, May We Serve You

What does “serving God” mean? Here’s what the composer, Swami Kriyananda, has to say about this song: “Living for God is fun! Sadly, too many approach Him lugubriously. It is more than an honor to serve Him: It is a deep satisfaction. We are not our egos! Every step we take away from these little selves of ours brings us closer to the … Read More

Through All Trials

What is the purpose of life? We may have different answers for this question, but if we analyze the motivation behind everything people do, we will see that everyone is looking for two things: to be happy and to avoid pain. So, how can we find true, lasting happiness? Swami Kriyananda offers an answer to this question in the few, simple lyrics … Read More

Can Music Help You Make Wise Decisions?

I think we’ve all experienced the truth that when we’re emotionally upset, overwhelmed, or stressed, that is NOT a good time to make a decision. We may have all the numbers, the details, the analytics that we need, and yet if our heart is restless and unsettled it is close to impossible to make up our minds about anything, even … Read More

Taming a Tamboura

It was the middle of a concert when Swamiji picked up the tamboura to accompany himself while he sang. A tamboura is an Indian instrument that easily goes out of tune. It was dreadfully offpitch and no matter how much Swamiji tried, he couldn’t tune it. Finally he gave up and began to play it as it was. I was near him on the … Read More

The Divine Romance

I had never met Swamiji or read any of his books, but I had read Autobiography of a Yogi, and it had awakened within me a burning soul question: “Is Paramhansa Yogananda my guru?” I felt profoundly drawn to Yogananda, but I wanted to be absolutely sure. I thought if I could be with Swamiji, someone who actually knew him, the answer would be clear. … Read More

Love Song

“If you want to know me,” Swamiji has said, “listen to my music.” That’s how I first “met” Swamiji—alone in my car singing one of his songs. I lived in Portland, Oregon, and had just started going to the Ananda center there. The choir director asked me to sing a solo for an upcoming performance of the Oratorio. I am embarrassed … Read More

God’s Choir

I was part of the choir tour to Italy in May of 2000. Night after night we performed the Oratorio Swamiji has written about the life of Christ to full houses of enthusiastic music fans. In each city, they gave us a standing ovation and then crowded around to talk to the choir members. The problem was, we were mostly … Read More

Love is a Magician

I was well on my way to accepting Master as my guru, but I had never met Swamiji and I had a hard time seeing how he fit into the picture of my spiritual life. I am a music teacher and a professional musician. I play the flute, but music isn’t something I do. Music is what I am. So it … Read More

The Sound of Music

As soon as Swamiji began to sing, it was obvious that the cough and sinus infection he had been battling for months had seriously affected his voice. I am a professional musician and my heart went out to him. I play the flute and I know what it is like to try to perform when the body isn’t working right. … Read More

I Sing Your Song

The big concert was on Saturday, and on Wednesday I lost my voice. I am part of a quartet that sings the music of Swami Kriyananda, and we had been months in planning and rehearsing for an interfaith “Unity through Music” event: an elegant dinner followed by a performance of our singing quartet. But it’s a little hard to do … Read More